Hi, I’m Thomas

TFP Photographer from Munich City

I love to work together to get images that show more than “just” a beautiful person.

I started taking photos around 1997. Yes, on film.
People”, for me, are the most expressive and favorite motif, so most of my work is portraits to lingerie to nudes and a new addition may be boudoir photography – let’s see!

After having taken many studio shots, I realized that the clean, sterile environment of a studio is not the perfect style for me. So, most of my shootings now are on location or outdoors, but an occasional studio shoot may still happen 😉

As the addicted dancer of Brazilian Zouk that I am, you will find some dancing pictures here as well.

Nature and Milkyway photography is something I rarely do. But then it’s like meditative thing, when I want to be by myself.

I’ve been extremely bad in publishing my work for a long time, so new publications may actually show old work 😉


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